About Our Company

Micron Systems, Inc(MSI) founded in 1996 is a premier technology company with primary focus on technology services. We focus on Database management, network security, healthcare IT, data analytics, cloud computing and cloud migration, IT staffing solutions and infrastructure solutions. These services are offered with consistent quality managed by SMEs in each of the technology areas. Our client base consists of Fortune 500 companies from financial services, technology companies, IT Services, healthcare, Utilities and Pharmaceutical companies. MSI's full-time recruiting staff is constantly revising and updating a comprehensive database of talent, tracking technical skills as well as specific applications expertise of IT specialists around the nation.

An extensive screening process yields a talent pool that is unparalleled in its quality and breadth. MSI's mission is to provide clients with effective technology solutions expertise while creating a challenging and rewarding environment for dedicated professionals. MSI primary business office is located in Parsippany, NJ. MSI primary goal is to explore the tremendous opportunities to meet the challenges that exist in IT services to meet the client's IT requirements. We had been growing steadily to reach our mile stones ahead of the schedule. Our primary services include onsite and offshore services, deliver the projects on fixed cost basis, BPO, data server consolidation, and remote Database administration. Our technical staff includes excellent Security engineers, solution architects, project managers and developers. We provide our services primarily to Financial, Utilities, Pharmaceutical and technology service industries.

We have a network of partners in various countries that we have partnership agreements to provide global services. We have software professionals working from various backgrounds and cultures. We share our success with our employees and partners who are key to our success and meet our targets.